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Web Development

Our work in web development encompasses a broad range of services from simple corporate websites to complex online management solutions.

Web Development

Our work in web development encompasses a broad range of services from simple corporate websites to complex online management solutions. We have the required expertize and the capacity to develop web solutions for various domains.

Website Development

If you are thinking of creating a 24/7 global presence of your business in the cyber space arena – you are at the right place. We can design and develop your corporate website as the way you ever wanted it to be.

Content Management, Blog, Forum Sites

Are you interested to set-up a blog, an engaging forum, or disseminate content to hundreds and thousands of your customers? Do you want to collect feedback or information from your customers? If yes, then let us develop customized blogs, forums, and content management system for your business to make it possible for you to reach out to millions of audience.

Online Management Solutions

We can develop bespoke management solutions to automate your business processes. Ranging from Human Resources Management to Knowledge Management and from Inventory Management to Case Management – let us take care of your processes automation so that you can focus on your core business and grow more.

Web SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Is your website not attracting customers? Your target audience is not visiting your website? Let our SEO experts nail down the problems that bogged down your website and help you overcome the glitches with a higher ranked website and increase in customer base along with analytics for informed decisions.

Ecommerce Application

Do you want your business to become part of the Ecommerce word? Do you want to provide your customers the liberty of shopping online? Our experts can help you setup an e-shop to enable you to target customers for your products and services all around the world.

IT Outsourcing

We provide services to organizations and businesses to design, develop, deploy, and maintain their IT work and infrastructure so that they can focus on their core business.

IT Outsourcing

At TeleMutants we have dedicated teams of developers and designers with skill set in PHP, MySQL, Asterisks, Pearl Scripting, Logo design, Art Work development, and Content Writing. We provide services to organizations and businesses to design, develop, deploy, and maintain their IT work and infrastructure so that they can focus on their core business.


Are you a call center or a booming business with extensive communication needs? Our Networking and Communications team can provide you services in designing, developing, and maintaining a VOIP solution for your business. We can set-up Private Branch Exchange at your premises, our data center, or cloud based.

Database Development

Do you want to keep a systematic online/offline record of your data and perform different operations on it? We can develop different forms of databases ranging from simple record keeping to complex data cross tabulations platforms.

Business Process Automation

If you are interested in automating your business processes then you are at the right place. Our team of requirements analyst can solicit detailed requirements from you and understand your business processes and mechanisms. Afterwards our development and design teams can take over to implement it and deploy it for you. We can also maintain the system for you.

Communications Systems

High-tech and low-tech technology based bespoke communication systems and VOIP applications that can support two-way communication through web, email, SMS, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Communications Systems

We have the resources to develop high-tech and low-tech technology based bespoke communication systems that can support two-way communication channels between organizations and its subjects through web, email, SMS, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). We also provide complete range of Voice over IP ( VOIP ) solutions based on the technologies of Asterisks, Pearl scripting, PHP, and Yii2 framework. Our solutions not just cover

Complaints and Feedback Management System

Is your organization interested in a soliciting complaints and feedback from its beneficiaries or clients? Do you want useful insights from a mass volume of complaints and feedback? If yes, let our communication experts design and develop bespoke technology based complaints and feedback systems for you which could process and analyze mass SMS and IVR through structured forms and produce useful insights and analysis in an info graphics and visually appealing fashion.

Audience Feedback System

Are you a media broadcasting house or an NGO running an edutainment project? Let us develop a comprehensive high-technology based audience feedback system for you to help you better engage with your audience. Let them send you interesting insights through SMS and Calls and our system will help you process them for useful insights. Create audience polls or enable send an auto-acknowledgement message to your audience whenever they call. How about giving them subscription facility or periodic updates about your show and schedules. We provide tailored solutions in the form of such audience feedback systems.

Customer Relationship Management ( CRM )

Are you a calling center with potential customer base running into millions? Are you a corporate entity with a base of loyal customers you would like to hear from them? If yes, our experts can design and deploy a CRM for your organization to help it better and in a systematic manner engage with its customer base. With the capacity to cater for multiple users and hundreds of telephonic lines, we also provide dashboards for customized engagement like successful sale or contact again to analysis like highest seller operator to best region for targeting customers.

Information Hotline

Our experts can develop and deploy an Interactive Voice Response ( IVR ) based information hotline for your organization. This service can be provided in a variety of forms including through a UAN number, a Toll Free number, normal number, or through a combination of Voice and SMS. We also provide a dashboard where you can analyze the callers and what type of information is being listened to including patterns of hovering around the IVR menu. We also provide you the unique functionality of creating and managing your own IVR menu as you desire through a simple graphical interface like a tree.

Early Warning Alerts & Notification System

Do you want a high-technology based system that could with a single operation send early warning alerts to hundreds and thousands of people? Is your organization finding it difficult to communicate crucial notifications to its staff or clients? If the answers are yes then we have the solutions for you. Our communication teams provide powerful platforms that can disseminate and carry out outbound campaigns through SMS and recorded calls including IVR menus to hundreds and thousands ds of people. This all comes with a complete analysis as to how many successfully received the calls or how many disconnected. This solution is suitable for organizations with frequent communication needs with its clients or staff. It is also for government and social sector organizations working in the humanitarian sectors.

Data Management

Managing big volume of data for meaningful information generation through effective mechanisms for the collection, storage, retrieval, and processing of data.

Data Management

We are experts in helping organizations in managing big volume of data for meaningful information generation. Our experts can create effective mechanisms for the collection, storage, retrieval, and processing of data. We can deploy both; ready-made freely available open source systems or tailored-made and as per requirements solutions for organizations to manage their data.

Research Data Management

Is your organization conducting a qualitative or quantitative research? Our team of data experts can devise mechanisms for efficient management of your data streams.

Data Warehouse Solutions

Is your organization generating heaps of data or is planning to do so? Let our Data Ware House consultants devise the necessary mechanisms to set-up the required processes and mechanisms along with the technology tools to streamline the data flow and storage. No worries about data back-up as our experts will develop mechanisms and scripts for periodic data back-ups.

Lime Survey

If you are a research based organization, we can help you manage complex data sets storage, coding, and retrieval through customizing the online open-source free platform of Lime Survey s per your requirements. Our teams of experts also provide trainings to research staff and data entry personnel in using the platform.

Computer Assisted Telephonic Interview ( CATI )

Is your organization planning to conduct a survey through mobile calls or SMS? Why not! Already many organizations are doing the same so let our teams of communication experts and research systems design develop customized solutions for you to conduct CATI with your respondents and help you systematically process the data and henceforth analyzed it for useful insights.

Mobile & Tablets Based Survey in Field

We can help your organization in conducting a survey in filed through the use of tablets and mobiles. We can help you setup data entry environment including dealing with situations like offline data collection and online data solicitation.

Data Visualization & Mapping

Development of esthetically beautiful and information rich maps and development of interactive data visualization dashboards to display real-time data through high charts and other info graphics.

Data Visualization & Mapping

We have a team of experts who can develop esthetically beautiful and information rich maps. If you have geo-spatial data that you want to display on a web-map that is interactive and show up data in the real-time that is updated automatically. Likewise our design and development teams have the expertise to develop interactive data visualization dashboards to display real-time data through high charts and other info graphics.

Art & Design

Blending creativity with art to conceptualize distinctive and visually appealing artwork, logos, and user interface designs. Blending creativity with art to conceptualize distinctive

Art & Design

Blending creativity with art to conceptualize distinctive and visually appealing artwork, logos, and user interface designs. We have a team of designers and artists who can provide the best and highest quality design work with detailing till the very minute level.

Logo Design

Do you want your business logo to stand on its own? Do you desire to have a logo that can best describe your business? Let our design experts get on to work and develop a logo that shall define your business identity. We have already developed logos for established business houses - let us put you on that list.

User Interface ( UI ) Design

Do you know best software’s are not just with good functionality but the ones which are also able to provide user the comfort and ease in understanding the software and be able to navigate around it with ease. This is exactly what our UI Design team does. They have incredible experience in developing UI design with best human computer interaction ( HCI ) practices and business process data flow requirements.

Website Design

Would you prefer a parallax design or a multi-page design for your website? Will your website audience be better engaged with a banner or a landing page video? Let our design team work on it and develop a website design that shall give the right feeling to your website visitors and position you well in the cyber space world.

Graphics Design

Are you interested in marketing your business with info graphics or artwork? Our design team can provide visually appealing inforgraphics display to your business data. They are also very good in developing posters, banners, brochures, leaflets, and any other piece of artwork.


Do you want to make your business reach its full potential with an aggressive branding strategy? If yes, then let our branding guru’s work on your business branding to give it the unique identity and brand personification it needs. They are good in developing branding materials ranging from presentation templates to reports styles and from stationary to eye-catching business cards.

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your business thrives with technology, which is why our strategies do too.

TeleMutants aspires to be the hallmark of Information & communications technology, social informatics, and business process automation in this era of information age. Specializing in software development, two-way communications, VOIP, art & design and infographics; TeleMutants combines the strong knowledge base of its clients with the modern technology and high industry standards to produce customized solutions, strategies, and systems....  More

At TeleMutants we develop bespoke information, communications, human resources, and knowledge management systems in accordance with our client’s needs. We understand the significance of how technology, if provided with the best functionality and ease of usability can help our clients accomplish their business objectives with more profound impact. Building on this knowledge base we develop communications systems that can be deployed by our partners as well as the members of the community/cleints they work with.

Our Web Development service entails the design and development of comprehensive and responsive websites and other ancillary web based solutions. Our methodology for the execution of such services revolves around the client’s corporate needs and the overall context of the industry in which the client operates. We endeavor to build all projects and systems based on the highest standards and with incorporating best practices where the clients take the lead, enabling them to benefit from technology. Telemutants is registered with the Government of Pakistan as a Private Company limited by shares and with Pakistan Software Export Board for exporting software’s products and services.


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TeleConvex is an online platform that can be used as a Two-way communication tool by an organization to effectively engage with its beneficiaries and the communities it operates in.


TeleConvex is an online platform that can be used as a Two-way communication tool by an organization to effectively engage with its beneficiaries and the communities it operates in. It can solicit and broadcast multiple SMS and calls at the same time. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus can be built in the platform with the capability to accept simultaneous calls at one point of time without any caller getting a busy line. This tool has been developed in advanced technologies including; Yii 2 framework, Asterisks, and Pearl Scripting. The fact that the tool can be accessed online makes it usable by any organization for its national, international, and project/field offices. Different key modules have been built in the system which makes it able to cater to the needs of any type of organization. The design of the tool has been undertaken keeping in mind best Human Computer Interaction (HCI) practices and user ease of usability and comfort apart from visually appealing dashboards. This tool can be used by; humanitarian organizations as a complaints response and management system, advocacy and mobilization based organizations for mobile based mobilization and advocacy, development organizations for feedback system, edutainment based organizations for audience feedback system, and disaster response organizations for early warning dissemination information hotline purposes. Some of the key modules of the tool are as follows:


In this section multiple projects can be created with every project being assigned its own SMS, Voice, and Email lines. This caters for organizations with multiple projects or a single programme/project across multiple geographical and linguistic borders.

Address Book

The main directory of all the beneficiaries contacts of an organization. Here groups can also be created for categorizing beneficiaries into projects meaningful categories like a group of ‘Females Teachers’ and group of ‘Village Mobilization Committee’.


The main section that is used to solicit SMS, Calls, Emails, and Manual entries of complaints, feedback, and any other type of incoming communication. Once the incoming traffic is solicited, it provides a systematic processing of the incoming entries with unique features like building a detailed case out of it and referring it to someone in an email – the recipients receives it as an organized PDF file. It also provides option of uploading supporting documents like scanned images. This section is ideal for; humanitarian organizations intending to use it as a Complaints & Feedback Management System, edutainment and media broadcast based organizations for Audience Feedback System, mobilization and advocacy organizations for Feedback Management and Mass Mobilization system.

Outbound Campaigns

Create voice and SMS based campaigns and send them out to multiple people with just a click. Once the campaign is executed, wonderful insights will be generated that can be explored by organizations to understand the impact of the outbound campaign.

Polls & Survey

In this section organizations can create IVR and SMS based polls and surveys and automatically solicit responses. This is a unique feature that helps organizations in collecting responses from community directly through their mobiles with ease and low operational costs and processing and analyzing the responses once solicited.


This is another key feature of the system which helps to engage beneficiaries automatically even without the intervention of any human being. Auto-replies to SMS and calls, Keywords based action by systems, and Auto-forwards can be set-up through this section.


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  • It was a fabulous experience working with Telemutants. The team that worked on our project was dedicated to project goals and had strong expertize. I am looking forward to more work with them in near future.

    CEO, Devspot

    I have worked with many IT outsourcing firms but Telemutants experience was the best of all. Delivering on time and strong line of communications with my team is the hallmark of Telemutants. 5 star ratings!!


    CEO, Desideals

  • Recently we asked them to revamp our logo design and develop our corporate website. Their way of collecting requirements and helping us understand what we need is impressive. The website in itself is superb and classy – exactly how we wanted it to be. Their professional team went out of the way to help us till the end up to our prodigious satisfaction.

    Operations Head, Webdnaworks

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